Meet The Concentrix Team

Fred Story

Founder/President/Composer/Arranger/Creative Director

In 1990, Fred departed from a successful broadcasting career to pursue his first love – writing music. Although he originally imagined himself as a one-man shop, before long he was so inundated with work, he needed to hire an assistant. Then another composer. Then a sound designer/mixer. Then a production coordinator. Then an assistant to the production coordinator…a third composer…and so on. He even lured his wife Becky into the business. Before he knew it, Fred went from being a busy freelance composer to leader of a thriving enterprise. Over the years – as people re-located or pursued other interests - Concentrix morphed into a creative consortium of like-minded music and audio pros. Today, in addition to plying their individual talents, Fred and Becky have become adept at reaching into the Concentrix talent pool and making sure clients have the best person for the job. Fred is a member of ASCAP and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. He’s the winner of 14 regional Emmy awards, 3 Telly awards and over two dozen Addy awards.

Favorite Quote: “Everything that disturbs me I could have translated, had I been spared the shame of not being a musician.” - Emil Cioran, Romanian philosopher. (1911-1995)

Becky Story

Vice President/Writer/Voice Talent.

Before she and Fred met, Becky was already a successful actress and radio personality. She was a fine writer, too. When Fred discovered that this also included a particular gift for lyrics, he somehow convinced her that they could be business and creative partners without ruining their marriage. (Years later, he’s VERY happy to be right about that one.) Becky is a true renaissance woman. Not only is she an Emmy-winning lyricist, a writer, voice talent and teacher; she’s also an accomplished ceramic artist. In addition to having pieces in various galleries, her hand-sculpted pottery has been featured in two books, the latest of which is “The Contemporary Art of Nature: Mammals” by E. Ashley Rooney (available on Amazon).

Favorite Quote: “Bloom where you’re planted.” - Saint Francis de Sales (1567-1622)

Andrew Marcadis

ADR Mixer/Foley, Effects and Music Editor/Recording Engineer/Musician

When he’s not impressing Concentrix clients with his skill and agreeable disposition, Andrew is a working musician – performing regularly and doing session work. He’s also a fine recording engineer. He gets the first call for ADR sessions, VO recording, editing and mixing for commercials and corporate clients. His musical sensibilities serve him well as an effects and dialog editor, Foley artist and music editor. Andrew learned early on that if you want to make it in this biz, it’s good to wear a lot of hats. Fortunately for us – and our clients – he wears them all well.

Favorite Quote: "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." - Albert Einstein

Anthony Fedele

Sound Designer/ADR Mixer/Re-recording Mixer

A graduate of Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts, Anthony holds a deep abiding love for the creative possibilities of sound design. He approaches the work much like a composer. Make every choice count. Understand the emotional foundations of the material. Leave no stone unturned in crafting something original. Clients have developed a certain respect for his skills. A while back, one of us made the mistake of addressing him by his first name during a session. The client looked up and indignantly pronounced, “Hey – that’s Doctor Fedele to you!” He’s been "The Doctor" ever since.

Dan Vitco


What do you do when the job is post-scoring sixty-five half-hour episodes of a new children’s program in thirteen weeks? You hire more composers! When we landed the gig for the international/PBS children’s show “Raggs” we learned that Dan was already doing sensational work for Nickelodeon and PBS on shows like “Clarissa Explains It All.” He was living just outside Philadelphia at the time. But in the process of getting to know Charlotte, Dan and his family decided to make our fair city their new home. We’re fortunate to have him as an associate – and as a neighbor. He’s not only a fine composer and musician…he’s just a great guy.

Favorite Quote: (When starting a new music project)…”Let the games begin!”

David Floyd

Composer/Arranger/Musician/Audio Engineer

David has achieved something of a legendary status in these parts. He’s known as the man with the golden ears. As an arranger and recording/mixing engineer he’s worked with everyone from Buddy Rich to Alison Krauss. David spent years in Nashville before returning to Charlotte, the area he grew up in. These days his work can be heard on albums by a host of recording artists – and as a composer, arranger and engineer for Concentrix.

Jamie Hoover

Composer/Producer/Recording Engineer and Mixer

Jamie is yet another legendary musical force in these parts. Songwriter. Performer. Studio whiz. In addition to writing and performing for decades with The Spongetones, one of the Southeast’s most-revered bands, Jamie has performed with Hootie and the Blowfish, The Smithereens, Graham Parker and Don Dixon. As the former owner of his own media production company, Jamie brings years of experience as a media composer, producer and recording artist. Plus, he totally rocks those shades.

Favorite Quote: "I wish I could have myself cloned...That way I could have twice as much fun writing music. "