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The RAGGS experience arrives on American shores

Concentrix recently finished work on another 65 episodes of “Raggs”, now going into its third season in Australia. 13 new concert songs, 65 new interstitial songlets, post-score and sound design for 75 new animated segments, not to mention post-scores for the story segments of each and every show. (We’d like to say we did it without breaking a sweat…but that would be a fib.) Our thanks again to tireless Executive Producer and fearless leader Toni Steedman, as well as an amazing team of singers, musicians and creative collaborators, without whom we couldn’t have pulled it off. Spearheading the songwriting effort were music supervisor/lyricist Becky Story and primary Raggs songwriter Michael McGinnis.

There’s more exciting news! “Raggs” can now be seen on PBS stations coast to coast thanks to distribution through American Public Television. At last count, “Raggs” is also airing in Ireland, South Africa, Bulgaria, Singapore, New Zealand, India and Israel. We can’t wait to hear our songs translated into Bulgarian and Hebrew!

Props to our Anthony Fedele who handles dialog replacement and final audio mixes for American broadcasts.

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