Meet The Concentrix Team

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Fred Story – President/Composer. Fred began playing professionally in high school, and continued playing keyboards in various rock bands to help pay for college. He majored in music education, but somehow found himself whisked into a career in broadcasting. He drifted to Charlotte in the early 80’s to work at an album rock station, where he met his future wife Becky. (Yes, that Becky Story. See the next bio.) What began as an effort to improve his jazz piano chops turned into seven years of private study in composition with the great Ziggy Hurwitz – during which he focused on orchestral writing. Broadcast connections led to scoring opportunities. Composing gigs proliferated. So in 1990 Fred undocked from radio and started Concentrix. Fred is also de facto Creative Director, although he’s yet to completely nail down a job description for that title. Suggestions are welcome.

Pastimes: Feeble attempts to grasp the basics of quantum physics. Otherwise, you’re looking at it.

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Becky Story – Vice President/Writer/Voice Talent. While Fred came to Concentrix through music, Becky’s path led from acting, to radio (see previous bio), to writing and producing. She was lured into the company by a wily spouse who convinced her that a married couple could be business partners and creative collaborators. (Don’t ask her how they’ve done it. Neither can say for sure.) While Becky has earned her share of awards as a copywriter, it’s lyrics that are her particular specialty. Sure, her mellifluous voice lands her behind the microphone pretty regularly, but boy – those lyrics. Becky even manages many of the day-to-day business aspects of Concentrix. (We don’t call her “The Gatekeeper” for nothing.) But -- did we mention her amazing lyrics?

Pastimes: Hand made pottery. (The coffee cups at Concentrix are Becky Story originals.) Trying new organic recipes. Getting all of her World Of Warcraft characters to level 70.

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Michael McGinnis – Composer/Mixing Engineer. One might say that Mike is a walking musical contradiction. To land this gig, he brought in a demo consisting of a heavy metal opus and a string quartet. Mike received a performance degree in classical guitar and a Masters in composition. But his real schooling came from the likes of Led Zeppelin and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Mike also handles the lion’s share of the tracking and music mixing here at Concentrix. Although his evolution as a composer may have been schizophrenic, it serves him well. He can crank it to eleven or create dramatic orchestral shadings. He seems to like it best when he can do both – at the same time.

Pastimes: Sailing. Smoking good cigars. He seems to like it best when he can do both – at the same time.

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Anthony Fedele – Sound Designer/Audio Engineer. A graduate of Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts, Anthony holds a deep abiding love for the creative possibilities of sound design. He approaches the work much like a composer. Make every choice count. Understand the emotional foundations of the material. Leave no stone unturned in crafting something original. He is also our engineer/editor for voice recording and ADR, and primary mixer for film, TV and advertising projects. Clients have developed a certain respect for his skills. A while back, one of us made the mistake of addressing him by his first name during a session. The client looked up and indignantly pronounced, “Hey – that’s Doctor Fedele to you!” He’s been The Doctor ever since.

Pastimes: Sailing. Tiger Woods Golf on PS3. Texas Hold-Em. (Not only is Anthony a really good poker player, he spends time behind the mic as an analyst for televised poker tournaments. Don’t even try to bluff him.)

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Dan Vitco – Composer. During our first season of the hit children’s television series Raggs, we went in search of a composer who could help us meet some demanding deadlines. That’s when we found Dan. He was living just outside Philadelphia in New Jersey, but fell head over heels in love with Charlotte (as so many do) and moved the family to our fair city. Dan spent two seasons as composer for Nickelodeon’s hit series “Clarissa Explains It All” and has contributed to Nick Jr.’s current hit “Go, Diego, Go” - in addition to a plethora of other writing/arranging/performing credits. A product of Philadelphia’s famed University of the Arts, the other composers are still trying to figure out how he can play piano AND guitar so well. As near as they can tell, it’s some kind of genetic mutation.

Pastimes: Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Hockey. English Tea. (We’re still trying to figure out what those last two have in common. It might be related to that same genetic mutation.)

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David Floyd – Composer/Audio Engineer. Fred and David go back more years than either will admit to. David was engineer and co-producer for three of the four recordings made by Fred’s jazz/rock group Flight 108. But David’s talents don’t only lie behind the mixing desk. He’s also an accomplished composer, arranger and keyboardist. During his prolific career, he’s worked with a diversity of artists – from Buddy Rich to Alison Krauss. After spending years in Nashville, Fred recruited David to return to his hometown of Charlotte during the first season of Raggs. David’s skills and experience are beyond reproach. The guy hears everything! We’ve even thought about looking into how much it would cost to insure those ears. (Hey, if the blonde babe from “Entertainment Tonight” can insure her legs, why not?)

Pastimes: Web design. Building computers. Tech support for the people he builds computers for. Hangin’ with feline pals ‘Buddy Cat Stevens’ and ‘Chubby Huggs’. (We trust he has shorter nicknames for those cats.)

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Jamie Hoover – Composer.Jamie began his association with Concentrix as the singing voice of the big yellow dog Pido on the Raggs children’s TV show. Of course, we knew of his finely honed songwriting skills, and before long he was added to the Raggs writing roster. But there’s much more than singing dogs in Jamie’s background. He’s probably best known in these parts as a member of The Spongetones, one of the Carolinas’ best-loved and most enduring bands. But he has also performed with such well-known artists as Hootie And The Blowfish, The Smithereens, Graham Parker and Don Dixon. As the former owner of his own media production company, Jamie brings years of experience as a media composer - in addition to his skills as a producer and recording artist. That’s all cool. But still…as far as accomplishments go, not just anyone can play a great singing dog, you know.

Favorite pastimes: Garden Electric Trains. Gardening. Jogging. Antique Tractors. (And yes, he has dogs of his own. We’re just not sure if he sings to them.)

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Andrew Marcadis – Musician/Composer/Audio Engineer. Andrew is a case study in how to become the intern that gets the gig. Of course, the “right place, right time” factor comes into play. But as an intern, he impressed us with his musical and engineering chops, his positive vibe and an eagerness to learn. So when a rare position came open - we knew Andrew would be a great fit. He performs and records regularly with his group Rekless Youth, as well as playing drums and percussion with popular bands like Gigi Dover and Big Love. The lad knows his way around a drum kit - and a studio. He’s even been known to lay down some pretty hot bass and guitar parts. He also makes a mean pot of coffee. (You don’t really think all the intern stuff goes away when you get the gig, do you?)

Favorite pastimes: Drums. Listening to music. Drums. Body surfing. Drums. Cooking and eating. Drums. Hangin’ with friends and a tasty beer. And drums. (Which must burn a lot of calories. Given the food and beer, it can’t just be metabolism that keeps him so skinny.)


Fred and Becky Story collaborate on a songwriting project.
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