Audio Post

“The lesson is, don’t play the visual, play the emotion.” –  Al Nelson

The best audio post isn’t just a technical process; it’s artistic, too. It’s not enough to imagine a great soundtrack. You need enthusiastic pros with the experience and creative chops to pull it off; plus a facility equipped to deliver a final mix and deliverables that shine…and meet technical specs.

Our designers, editors and mixers have worked on feature films, network TV shows, documentaries, commercials and almost everything in between. Check out the credits page. Scan the list of services below. Then let us know how we can help your production exceed expectations.

“It’s all about the emotional associations of sounds. It’s not about whether they’re really technically correct or not. It’s about whether they’re scary or relaxing or threatening or whatever helps tell the story.” –  Dane A. Davis


VoiceOver/narration recording

Sound design

Dialog/effects editing

Music editing and mixing

ADR (Either in-studio or remotely via Source Connect)


Mixing – Stereo or 5.1, including re-recording mixing for film and TV.


All studios and mix stages feature world-class isolation and acoustics, designed by David Rochester of Technical Audio Services.

Pro Tools 10/11/12 HD. (We also offer Nuendo and Logic Pro for widest compatibility with independent composers, editors and designers.)

Mix stage monitoring through THX pm3 approved JBL monitor speakers.

A diverse microphone collection and highest quality preamps from Millenia, Neve, Grace, etc.

Source Connect, phone patch.

High bandwidth (50 Mbps/sec) Internet via fiber.