Concentrix News

Concentrix contributes to recent Indy films.

Look for two new independent films featuring music and/or audio post-production by Concentrix.

“A Short History of Decay” stars Bryan Greenberg (HBO’s “How To Make It In America”), Emmanuelle Chiriqui (HBO’s “Entourage”), Linda Lavin, Harris Yulin and Kathleen Rose Perkins (Showtime’s “Episodes”). Written and directed by Michael Maren, “Short History” is about failed Brooklyn writer Nathan Fisher (Greenberg) whose mother (Lavin) has alzheimers and whose father (Yulin) recently had a stroke. While the circumstances may sound dark, the film is actually warm, uplifting – and yes, funny. Look for “A Short History of Decay” in theatres this Summer. The film was mixed by our Anthony Fedele, with effects and Foley work by Concentrix’s Michael McGinnis and Andrew Marcadis. Fred Story contributed additional music.

“A Larger LIfe” is the Writing/Directing/Starring debut of Bill Lundy. The film also stars Fred Dalton Thompson, known for his performances in NBC’s “Law and Order” and numerous feature films. Based on the tragic true story of the largest malpractice jury verdict in the history of Georgia’s Walker State Court, “A Larger Life” is more than a legal procedural. It’s the shocking story of how the helpless can be preyed upon – and how, in one case at least, justice can ultimately prevail. Fred Story composed the original score for “A Larger Life”. The film was mixed by Anthony Short. Also on the audio post team were Will Howard – Dialog Editor, Michael McGinnis and Andrew Marcadis – Foley and Effects Editors.