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Concentrix goes to China (in a virtual sense).

We’re thrilled to have been selected to provide original music, sound design and mix for 40 episodes of “Encounters” – a co-production of Yale University Press and China International Publishing Group. Produced and directed by David Murray of truth-function (who we also had the pleasure of working with on ‘Le Chemin du Retour’ and ‘Sol Y Viento’), “Encounters” is a series designed to expose English-speaking westerners to Chinese language and culture. Each episode follows the story arc of a fascinating cast of characters whose lives intertwine in dramatic fashion.

In fashioning the score for the series, composer Fred Story has done extensive research in order to properly represent the musical sound of China’s various regions. He continues to receive invaluable feedback and assistance from Chinese liaison and cultural consultant Xiao Yu.

A copy of the pilot program was included in the press kits of every credentialed journalist at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. If you’d like to get a flavor of the music, click here to view the trailer for the series,