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Concentrix creates national ad jingle for Carquest.

Concentrix just completed work on a new national radio jingle for CARQUEST. With over 3,400 stores in North America, Carquest is one of the country’s largest Auto Parts retailers.

Working with Scott Ginsburg, Carquest’s Director of Brand Management, Concentrix wrote and produced a straight-ahead rock tune introducing the theme, “Roll On!” Lyrics were written by Becky and Fred Story, and music was composed and arranged by Fred Story.

Reflecting on the process, Fred says, “We’ve had a terrific relationship with Carquest in the past, so we were particularly excited when Scott Ginsburg asked us to create a new musical branding piece for radio. We presented three concepts, any of which we would have been proud to hear on the air. But ultimately, Scott and his team decided that the simple brand connection of ‘Roll On!’ was the right choice. Or as the lyrics say, ‘Roll into to Carquest – and Roll On!’ And as usual, our stellar group of singers and players brought the tune to life in a way that exceeded our expectations.”

Carquest radio ads featuring “Roll On!” will begin airing soon.

Musician credits:

Lead vocal – Steven Engler

Backgroud vocals – Kay Roebuck and Christine Navarro

The Concentrix Brass – Doug Burns, trumpet. Brad Wilcox, trumpet. Phil Thompson, tenor sax. Tim Gordon, bari sax.