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“Children Of All Ages” now in theaters.

After the success of their award-winning documentary “A Man Named Pearl“, directors Scott Galloway and Brent Pierson have announced the debut of their latest documentary film “Children Of All Ages”, opening in select theaters across the country on October 23rd. The film features an original score by Concentrix’s Fred Story. Sound design and audio post-production were also handled here at Concentrix by Anthony Fedele.

To quote the official movie synopsis:

“Three oxymoronic storylines pay tribute in Barnum-esque style to the most important entertainment form in American history : the CIRCUS! Features include : the OLDEST YOUTH circus in the country, the LARGEST MINIATURE circus model in the world, and the LAST ORIGINAL Ringling performers who worked under the Big Top. The interviews are exclusive, the archives so rare many have never been seen and the cultural & historical information imparted is fascinating and entertaining. Film Festival award-winning CHILDREN OF ALL AGES is a critically acclaimed film from the producers of “A Man Named Pearl.” Shot entirely in HD, running time is 75 minutes.”

For a complete list of theaters, visit the film’s Facebook page.